My Pergolas Project

This video is dedicated to my father he passes away in 2016

One day I helped my day with his work, we went to his customer house, and they have a Pergola entry similar to the picture above with a doorbell. He pushed the doorbell, and the birds sang in the garden, he looked at me and smile and said “wow” i looked at him and roll my eyes whatever at that time I didn’t really care much about garden and his business and his work. Then he asked me “Can you help me build a door with a pergola on top just like this one?” I replied back “yeah sure whenever i have time.”

Long story short six year later in 2016 on July 31. A tragic accident and he pass away the next day. Life changed for everyone that day. Thach Song – Mr Song Thach May 5, 1950 – August 1, 2016 Portland, Oregon

Ten Year later, I hurt my back so bad i had a surgery, after my surgery i walked out to his garden, i looked around everything rotten, fences are rotten, things just falling apart and i whispered to him. How am i going to build a pergola for you now with my injury back. Months later fences fall down from heavy wind. No one no what to do so i was mad and can’t stand looking at it anymore. So, i start repaired fences slowly, and slowly, next thing i know my back getting better and better. i made a promise to him that i will build him an entry pergola and i did my best, not quite like the one he wanted by this is the best i can do for him.

Happy Father’s Day dad and thank you for guiding me and heal my back.

Thank you for reading this.


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